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Result of the Partners-Lottery 2023

The second edition of the Partners' Lottery is now over. We are therefore pleased to announce the names of the winners of these draws. With more than sixty partners, this lottery raised a net amount of just over $13,500, which will be directly reinjected into our health facilities. Below is a look at some of the winners :

1. Mrs. Jessie Francoeur - Egide Dupuis & Fils ($500)

2. Ms. Line Francoeur - Caisse Desjardins de la Pointe de la Gaspésie ($500)

3. Mr. Eric Gagne – Menu-Mer ($500)

4. Mr. Louis-Pierre Roussy - Marie-Ève Cloutier Dental Clinic ($500)

5. Mrs. Diane Berube - Women's Social Club of Gaspe ($500)

6. Mrs. Nicole Bilodeau - Cercle des Fermieres de R.A.R. ($750)

7. Ms. Elsa Cotton - Murdochville Lions Club ($750)

8. Mr. RenE Queeton - A.C.P.G. ($750)

9. Mrs. Noëlla Coulombe - Women's Social Club of Gaspe ($750)

10. Mr. Louis-Pierre Roussy - Marie-Ève Cloutier Dental Clinic ($750)

11. Mr. Rommel Mirador - LM Wind Power ($1,000)

12. Ms. Patricia Boulay – Client of Maxi ($1,000)

13. Mr. Fred Matte - Royal Canadian Legion of Gaspe ($1,000)

14. Promutuel Assurance de l’Estuaire ($1,000)

15. Mr. Leon Beliveau - Royal Canadian Legion ($1,250)

You can also watch the videos of the draws on our Facebook page and check out the press releases of the draws on our website at The Partners' Lottery is truly a great project to offer to your employees, members and clients, in addition to encouraging the improvement of the quality of care, health and social services for our entire community. We invite you to join us for the next edition, by contacting us at (418) 368-3301 ext. 3135.

The Foundation would like to thank all the partners of this second edition as well as all the participants who purchased one or more tickets. We hope you'll join us next summer.

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