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Result of the 2023 tire change campaign and renewal for 2024

Since the return of the tire change campaign in 2018, it has allowed the Foundation to raise more than $5,000 annually to meet its mission: to improve the quality of care, health and social services for our entire community. As part of this campaign, garages commit to donating the following amounts to the Foundation:

-          $5 for each purchase and installation of four (4) new tires;

-          $1 for every change of four (4) used tires.

Thanks to the participation of the garages below, the Foundation is proud to announce that the 2023 campaign raised the sum of $6,721. We are also pleased to inform you of the renewal of the campaign for 2024 with the participation of these same partners.


The Foundation would like to thank each of our partners for their loyalty and the renewal of their partnership, as well as all customers who change their tires at one of these locations.


All together to improve our care, health and social services! ♥

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