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@Jean-Philippe Thibault, Gaspésie Nouvelles Photo : M. Tony Patterson, M. Réal Côté & Mme Julie Bernard

(Gaspé, November 30, 2021) La Fondation Santé Côte-de-Gaspé and the Gaspé Cancer Foundation are pleased to announce the partnership with Mr. Réal Côté, the newly appointed advisor for Sector 4 of the City of Gaspé: Wakeham, Pointe-Navarre, Corte-Réal and Saint-Majorique.

Having worked with the public all his life, Mr. Côté was ready to help the community by getting involved as a municipal councillor. It is also for this reason that he has agreed to donate 50% of his salary to the two foundations in order to improve the quality of life and health services for Côte-de-Gaspé clients suffering from cancer, a cause that is very close to his heart.

The amount of $16,800 will be donated over a period of four (4) years, which will be given to each of two the foundations to help with their mission. The Fondation Santé Côte-de-Gaspé and the Gaspé Cancer Foundation join forces to highlight and to thank Mr. Côté's partnership..

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