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Result of the benefit supper presented by LM Wind Power on January 26th

Photo : Ms. Linda Thurston, Vice-President, Ms. Natasha Syvret, Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Tony Patterson, administrator, Ms. Julie Bernard, Director, Ms. Nadine Murray, administrator, Mr. Maxime Bernier, administrator, Ms. Sharon Gopaul & Ms. Katy Landry, administrative assistants.

On January 26th, a benefit supper was held and opened to all, presented by LM Wind Power and to which members of the heritage club were invited free of charge. During this evening, we presented the types of planned donations with some of our partners.

The Foundation is proud to inform you that this supper raised an estimated net sum of $4,900, which will be added to our investments in unrestricted net assets available to secure and enhance future grants. We welcomed a little more than 60 participants for the cause.

We would like to thank LM Wind Power for the financial support for the evening, the O'dwyer distillery, Fumoir Monsieur Émile, Produits Tapp, Oh les pains, Crevette du Nord Atlantique, Au Frontibus microbrewery and Maxi for the products sponsored on the menu. We would also like to thank Chalets Nautika, Ferme Bourdages, Un p'tit air sucré, Érablière Sigewigus and the Marché des Saveurs for the door prizes, as well as the CCCG for the visibly of the event and the ERTG for sharing some kitchen equipment.

We would like to thank Mr. Francis Gendron & Mr. Jonathan Cotton who took care of the logistics of the kitchen and the assembly of the delicious meals served during this evening. Mr. Patrick Brouillard, in charge of the service team as well as all the wonderful volunteers under his responsibility who made this event possible, a success, but above all a memorable evening.


Thank you all! See you next year! 

Photos diverses de quelques plats du souper

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