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Result of the 12th draw of the Employees-Lottery 2023-2024

Photo: Ms. Marie-Claude Chrétien, 12th winner

The twelfth draw of the Employees-Lottery was held on March, 14th at 1 :15 P.M., in the Cafeteria of Gaspe Hospital with Mr. Denis Bernier, member of the Board of Directors of  & Ms. Sharon Gopaul, administrative assistant at the Foundation.

We are pleased to announce the name of the twelfth winner of this lottery. Congratulations to Ms. Marie-Claude Chrétien who has won an amount of $1,000. For those who would like to review the video of the draw, we have posted it on our Facebook page of the Fondation Santé Côte-de-Gaspé.

This recurring activity of the Fondation Santé aims to add nearly $20,000 annually to the improvement of health care in the Côte-de-Gaspé territory. We remind you that a participation in the Lotto-Santé this year gives access to prizes worth $ 12,500 in cash, spread over 17 draws.

If you were not registered for 2023-2024, it is still possible to participate! You will then be eligible for the next 5 draws. Contact us without further delay to complete the registration form at (418) 368-3301 ext. 3135 or 3129 or by email: 


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