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The Fondation issues a defibrillator that will be available to the population of Anse-à-Valleau

Photo : Ms. Julie Bernard, Director for the Foundation, Ms. Carmelle Mathurin, President of the Sports Committee of l’Anse-a-Valleau & Ms. Pauline Boulay, member of the Board of Directors of the Sports Committe of l’Anse-à-Valleau.

The Fondation Santé Côte-de-Gaspé is pleased to announce the granting of a defibrillator for the Conseil des Loisirs de l'Anse-à-Valleau. As the village is located at the end of the town of Gaspé and far from the ambulance station of Rivière-au-Renard, the Foundation supports the importance of having this device as a need.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Conseil des Loisirs who will provide camera surveillance at all times, the device will be accessible 24 hours a day, as well as 7 days a week at the Salle des Loisirs located in the heart of the village.

The Foundation is therefore pleased to contribute to improving the quality of care, health and social services for its entire community.


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