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The Woman Social donate $1,500 $ to the Foundation thanks to "Un après-midi Cupcake"!

On November 6th, the Womans Social Club of Gaspé presented a play where pleasure and fun was had! "Un après-midi Cupcake" was entirely staged and directed by members of the Womans Social Club of Gaspé, including Mrs. Rose-Marie Joseph for the original idea and the script, as well as Mrs. Élise Allard for the dialogues and the staging.

Photo: Ms. Gertrude Whittom, Ms. Thérèse Roy, Ms. Élise Allard, Ms. Renée Jalbert, Ms. Anyta Langlois, Ms. Alyne Langlois, Ms. Rose-Marie Joseph and Ms. Julie Bernard, Director of the Foundation.

We would also like to highlight the performance of the actresses, four of whom were on their first stage experience! We would like to sincerely thank the Womans Social Club of Gaspe for choosing to donate the profits of this play to the Fondation Santé Côte-de-Gaspé. Thanks to this great event and the presence of 180 spectators, we are very pleased to announce that $1,500 will be used to meet our mission: to improve the quality of care, health and social services for our entire community.

If you have any questions about organizing activities for the benefit of the Fondation Santé Côte-de-Gaspé, you can contact us at (418) 368-3301 ext. 3135.


Photo: Ms. Rose-Marie Joseph & Ms. Julie Bernard, Director of the Foundation

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